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The Jute Store at Brooklinn Mill

It’s not too early to start planning….

Is it just us or has this year gone very fast indeed? It seems only 5 minutes since the summer holidays and here we are in October! If you are feeling a bit gloomy with the prospect of autumn and winter perhaps we can help out: Bookings for the Jute Store and the Loft in […]


Front, back and side

One of the comments we hear most often from guests staying at the Jute Store is: “It’s much bigger than it looks”. Well, yes it is. From the front it looks like a pretty typical country cottage, and you would be forgiven for thinking “how on earth can it sleep 6 people?” But its secret […]

There must be a way in somewhere....

Squirrel antics

It seems as though the first litter of baby squirrels are out and about this year. We have spotted one or two nervous novices on the feeders recently. (more…)

anemones 1

Spring has sprung

Like much of the country we have been enjoying a spell of glorious spring weather: warm sunny days and cool nights. The change in the weather has brought us our wood anemones which carpet the banks – I love the way they clamber over the mounds of still dormant ferns. (more…)

Snowdrop time

One of the lovely things as we reach the end of winter are the snowdrops. Not only are we blessed with many of these lovely little flowers around Brooklinn Mill, but one of the most notable collections of snowdrops can be visited at Cambo Estate in Fife. (more…)

Jute Store snow

Not too late for Christmas

We still have availability for the Christmas holidays – Monday 22nd – Monday 29th December and where could it be nicer to spend Christmas? The lovely wood-burning stove, a huge kitchen in which to prepare your Christmas feast and a real Christmas tree too. (more…)