It’s not too early to start planning….

Is it just us or has this year gone very fast indeed? It seems only 5 minutes since the summer holidays and here we are in October! If you are feeling a bit gloomy with the prospect of autumn and winter perhaps we can help out: Bookings for the Jute Store and the Loft in 2018 are open. 

The Jute Store and the Loft are both available throughout the year and make wonderful places in which to rest, relax, explore and spend time with loved ones.

We have short breaks available in the winter, spring and autumn so please get in touch if you would like to arrange a short break at either the Jute Store or the Loft.

Holidays at Brooklinn Mill usually start/ end on a Friday – however we can be more flexible outside of main holiday periods. Please ask if there are specific dates you are looking for.

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