Front, back and side

One of the comments we hear most often from guests staying at the Jute Store is: “It’s much bigger than it looks”. Well, yes it is.

From the front it looks like a pretty typical country cottage, and you would be forgiven for thinking “how on earth can it sleep 6 people?” But its secret is that it is built against the steep rock face of what was once the river bank. In fact you can see the exposed rock face in the “basement” which is really the ground floor at the back of the building.

On a nice sunny spring day, just before the leaves came out this spring we nipped over to the other side of the Lornty to photograph the back of the building so you can see the contrasting faces of the old store building at Brooklinn Mill.

The long windows on the back of the building were once large doors through which materials were moved in and out.

Originally there were no windows in the front of the building, and the balcony on the east end was once a footbridge linking the store to the main mill building.

Looking at the three images together it is difficult to believe that they are the same building – but they are. It really is a remarkable building. But don’t just take our word for it. Come and stay and see for yourself!


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