We are lucky enough to see some wonderful wildlife around Brooklinn Mill: red squirrels, otters, owls, deer, dippers and other birds have made this their home too.

Red squirrels are regular visitors

Red squirrels are regular visitors


Red squirrels are a rare sight in much of Britain, but they still inhabit the north of Scotland. They love the conifers around Brooklinn Mill and are regular visitors to the feeders throughout the year, but especially in winter and spring. They are fun to watch as they race through the trees at high speed or burying nuts around the garden.

Otters sometimes visit and if you are lucky, can be spotted along the river bank, swimming or even climbing up the bank besides the dam. They have quite large territories and don’t spend all their time here. Sometimes you can hear them (often at night) as they emit a short, high-pitched call. We think it sounds a bit like a short blast on a dog whistle.

We have an occasional visit from a pine marten who likes to see whether the squirrels have left any nuts in their box. The pine marten is quite elusive, but keep your eyes peeled and you may see one, especially on light summer evenings or early mornings.