Hydro power at Brooklinn Mill

Most of the electricity used at Brooklinn Mill comes from our 100kw hydro electric turbine.
Brooklinn Mill was always powered by water. When the mill was first built in the mid-1840s it had a hydro-mechanical turbine (not a traditional water wheel). That was then replaced with a hydro-electric turbine in the early 20th Century. We have made use of the old mill infrastructure and completed the installation of a new hydro-electric turbine in 2011. The 100kw turbine generates power for the homes at Brooklinn Mill and exports to the grid.

The project involved refurbishing the intake in the weir, replacing the pipeline and installing a new turbine, generator and control system.



It is not the only bit of renewable technology at Brooklinn Mill – the heating and hot water in the Jute Store is provided by the heat pump system powered by the home-generated electricity.