Electric vehicles

If you are travelling with a plug-in hybrid or battery electric car, there are charging stations in the Leslie Street car park in Blairgowrie, with two Evolt rapid charging points, offering CCS, CHAdeMO and type 2 AC connections at up to 50kW.

Before coming to Scotland, it may be worth you signing up with ChargePlaceScotland, the national Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network, which has been developed by the Scottish Government (www.chargeplacescotland.org) and obtaining an RFID card (allow time for it to be delivered to you!).  These are widely accepted at a large number of charging points across Scotland (including Blairgowrie), so you shouldn’t find any difficulty topping up wherever you head off to.

The nearest Tesla Supercharger sites are in Perth and Dundee, with more at Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Fort William, Aviemore and Inverness (as of summer 2021).

We do not have a car charging point here, but you can use a 3-pin socket in the front bedroom of the Jute Store and take the cable out the front window to the parking space. However, as you probably already know, this will only be of value for small top-ups.