About us

Brooklinn Mill Holidays is run by Louise and Tim Copeland. We moved here in 2002 from London and Edinburgh after working in travel and customer service businesses. We have had lots of experience of being on self-catering holidays and short-breaks ourselves and, since we moved here, of having friends and family come to share our lovely mill and its surroundings. When people arrive here their reactions are always the same: Wow! What an amazing place!

We have now brought all this experience together to create a very comfortable holiday home in which you can relax and unwind, leaving behind the stresses of everyday life in a stunning setting.

There aren’t many places where the loudest sound you can hear is the rushing of water as it tumbles past the mill or comes over the mill dam. And there aren’t many places where you can sit in comfortable chairs enjoying fabulous, unspoilt river views whatever the weather.We hope you will come and experience it for yourself soon.

We firmly believe that attention to detail is an important part of creating a special place for a holiday so you’ll find everything you need in the kitchen from sharp knives to tins for a birthday cake. Comfortable beds with cotton bedlinen and a cosy fire are all part of the experience of staying at Brooklinn Mill to help you unwind after a busy day.

We also live at Brooklinn Mill so are on hand to welcome you on arrival, show you around and make sure you have everything with which to settle in. We are very happy to give local information, arrange activities and answer any queries you may have.

We do hope you will come and experience Brooklinn Mill and the beautiful area surrounding it soon.






The environment and renewables at Brooklinn Mill


The environment and renewables at Brooklinn Mill

Brooklinn Mill’s setting on the wooded slopes of the Lornty Burn and the River Ericht makes us very aware of the environment and the landscape of which we are part. We feel very honoured to share our location with a wealth of wildlife. We see deer and red squirrels on a regular basis, have garden, woodland and water birds and have even had the occasional sighting of an otter. It also makes us very aware of what we are custodians of for future generations.

We have taken a “green” approach to the development of the buildings on the site. We have installed a heat-pump system to provide heating and hot water for the The Jute Store, and have chosen environmentally sensitive products where possible. We have also chosen to furnish with beautiful second-hand furniture where we can.

In 2011 we installed a new 100kw hydro turbine which produces enough power for the three homes that make up Brooklinn Mill as well as exporting power to the national grid.



A bit of history

A bit of history

Brooklinn Mill was built in the 1840s as a jute mill. As this was the height of the jute industry in Blairgowrie and Dundee, Brooklinn was one of 13 mills on the river Ericht or its tributaries utilising the fast flowing waters as a source of power. Brooklinn never had a water-wheel of the sort you can see at Oakbank mill down stream, instead it was powered by an early type of turbine. In the early 20th Century this was replaced with a hydro-electric turbine.

Brooklinn comprises two buildings: the store and the main mill building, and compared to many of the later mills, is on a much more domestic scale. The advent of steam and electric power made Dundee a much more prominent centre for jute spinning and weaving. However the hydro-electric turbine at Brooklinn Mill which was installed in the early 1900’s helped to keep the mill in production longer than most, although like many of the mills it had periods when it was unused and fell into disrepair. Just downstream from that you can see Bramblebank Mill and through the trees, Bramblebank House. You can also get a fine view of the house from the foot bridge at Oakbank/ Keathbank Mills.

Brooklinn was refurbished in the 1950’s to permit the spinning of man-made fibres and at that time a diesel engine was installed to provide additional power for Brooklinn and the neighbouring Bramblebank Mill. Brooklinn Mill finally closed in 1979 and was sold during the 1980’s for conversion to houses. Today it is the only mill on the Ericht to be utilising its hydro-electric capability.

You can see evidence of the mill history all around the Jute Store and along the path to Blairgowrie. Across the river from Brooklinn Mill you can see the remains of Westfield which suffered a serious fire in the early 20th Century and was never rebuilt.

At the end of the drive at Brooklinn you can see the remains of tenement buildings which were occupied until the 1950’s. There used to be gas lighting along the path between Brooklinn and Blairgowrie. Further along this path you can see former tenements which have been converted into modern housing and also the gate lodge to Ashbank House. Ashbank House was destroyed by fire in the 1920’s and apart from the odd bits of cut stone lying in the grass the main evidence of this once fine home are the landmark Giant Redwood and Monkey Puzzle trees which stand in the garden.